Canadian Megapatch 2019

The Canadian Megapatch adds the Canadian pyramid to Football Manager 19, with the forthcoming Canadian Premier League, an expanded Voyageurs Cup, League 1 Ontario, and Première Ligue de soccer du Québec. Over 1000 players, coaches, referees, and journalists have been added! This is in addition to 3d kits and logos!

Download file here ->

If you want a more expansive CONCACAF region, with dynamic reputation (ie. Canadian Premier League will grow or fall in relation to other leagues in the continent), I recommend downloading and using these files that make this mod compatible with Uncle Sam’s North American files. (Remember NOT to activate my continental file if you use this one):

Refugee Welcome Banner at TFC Game

Refugees Welcome banner unfurled for the second match in the row after a community resistance led to MLSE overturning a previous decision to bar “Refugees Welcome” banners from the stadium. We were kindly invited to bring the banner over to RPB Supporters Group Section 112, where the banner received a raucous reception.

Social Work as a ‘Bullshit Job’: Critiques of Social Work’s Potential for Social Justice in the Context of Professionalization and its Code of Ethics

I recently participated in a focus group examining “contemporary social work students’ responses to social justice practice principles as stated in the Social Work Code of Ethics”, and thought I’d collect some of the ideas I had shared about the topic. Some see the code of ethics and mobilization within the profession as a venue for the furthering of social justice, but a broader analysis of social work and my experience in the field has led me to find this problematic. I do believe, as Bonnycastle’s “From Social Equality to Compassion: A Critique of the 2005 CASW Code of Ethics” expressed, that the code can illuminate trends that are occurring in the field. Bonnycastle specifically suggested that the trends seem to sway towards neoliberalism. The removal of mentions of egalitarianism and humanitarianism from the code’s preamble was telling, but I believe that even the elements of the code referring to […]