Canadian Megapatch 2021

The Canadian Megapatch revamps the Canadian football pyramid in Football Manager 21, with a plethora of changes that improves the accuracy of the Canadian Premier League and the Voyageurs Cup. League 1 Ontario, Première Ligue de soccer du Québec, and the Alberta Major Soccer League are also added as playable leagues, alongside journalists, coaches, USports/provincial league teams. Faces have also been added for every single CanPL/L1O/PLSQ player. Scroll down for an extended list of changes.

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-Playable L1O, PLSQ, and AMSL
-Canadian media sources and journalists
-Faces for all CanPL, L1O, PLSQ players, as well as, journalists
-Teams from Manitoba, Nova Scotia, and Usports
-USport coaches
-Salary cap for CanPL now increases $250k a year, before being eliminated in 2026
-CanPL finances tweaked to allow for annual growth

Fixes to Base Game:
-Correct single table format for 2021 Canadian Premier League
-As only Pacific, Cavalry, and Edmonton have academies, other CanPL teams no longer have youth intakes and will have to rely on signing young players from L1O/PLSQ/AMSL. The quality of newgens have also been improved for those leagues

CONCACAF League/Champions League
-Forge replaces Cavalry as the correct CONCACAF League 2020 representative
-2020 CONCACAF League postponed correctly to October to avoid fixture congestion with Island Games and made single legged
-Corrected CONCACAF League 2020 format with 5th/6th team play-in match
-Fixed bug where 5th and 6th place team calculations for CONCACAF League 2021 – included preliminary round
-If same Canadian team qualifies through CL and CC, the second spot now goes to the other CC finalist instead of drawing a random CL team

Canadian Championship
-2020 Canadian Championship now a single leg match with Island Games winner qualifying, instead of it automating to Forge (Please note, because of editor limitations, the game is scheduled in October 2020 instead of early 2021)
-2021 Canadian Championship now correctly includes PLSQ champion, which was previously left out
-Tweak to club vision to encourage Canadian MLS teams to sign Canadian players (still doesn’t quite work though)

Special thanks to UncleSam, whose continental file I adapted to fix the issues with CONCACAF League.