Canadian Megapatch 2023

The Canadian Megapatch revamps the Canadian football pyramid in Football Manager 23, with a plethora of changes that improves the accuracy of the Canadian Premier League, the Voyageurs Cup, and relevant continental competitions. The goal is realism. Leagues belonging to League1 Canada are also added as playable leagues, alongside journalists, coaches, USports/provincial league teams. Scroll down for an extended list of changes.

Download file here -> LINK

For support, come chat about the megapatch in the canpl discord #gaming channel ->

Winter 2.0 Update:
-New CanPL playoff format, game now starts in 2023 with FCE removed
-Real fixtures for 2023 (though some may be moved due to V-Cup)
-L1AB added, and changes to other L1C clubs

-Playable L1O Premiership, PLSQ, L1BC, and L1O Championship
-Expansion Teams (Vancouver FC, Saskatoon, Kelowna, Windsor)
-Canadian media sources and journalists
-Teams from Manitoba, Nova Scotia, and USports
-USport coaches
-Salary cap for CanPL now increases steadily before being eliminated in 2033
-CanPL finances tweaked to allow for annual growth
-Badges and faces for all playable clubs and journalists

Fixes to Base Game:
-Developmental contracts emulated through youth contracts limiting players to six matches (all players that had signed developmental contracts added to clubs)
-As only Pacific, Cavalry, HFX, and York United have academies, other CanPL teams no longer have youth intakes and will have to rely on signing young players from L1O/L1BC/PLSQ/AMSL. The quality of newgens have also been improved for those leagues

CONCACAF League/Champions League/Leagues Cup
-Correct CONCACAF League qualifications from CanPL
-Latest announced format for CCL 2024 and onwards (27 team knockout tournament)
-Single leg final is played in a neutral venue as I am unable to set home stadium based on team’s performance
-Canadian MLS teams can now qualify through being conference finalists, top 3 in supporters’ shield, and leagues cup
-Voyageurs Cup winner now properly qualifies for CCL
-Correct CanPL teams qualify for CCL
-2023 Leagues Cup and onwards now features all MLS/LigaMX clubs as announced
-Canadian MLSNP teams now sign Canadians

Canadian Championship
-Canadian Championship now correctly includes PLSQ champion, which was previously left out
-L1BC champion and expansion teams also added for 2023
-L1C champion qualifies from 2024 onward