Canadian Megapatch 2022

The Canadian Megapatch revamps the Canadian football pyramid in Football Manager 22, with a plethora of changes that improves the accuracy of the Canadian Premier League, the Voyageurs Cup, and relevant continental competitions. The goal is realism. League 1 Ontario, Première Ligue de soccer du Québec, and the Alberta Major Soccer League are also added as playable leagues, alongside journalists, coaches, USports/provincial league teams. Scroll down for an extended list of changes.

Download file here -> LINK

Pre-Winter Update version -> LINK

For support, come chat about the megapatch in the canpl discord #gaming channel ->

-Playable L1O Premiership, PLSQ, L1BC, L1O Championship, and AMSL
-Expansion Teams
-CPL Roster Update
-Canadian media sources and journalists
-Teams from Manitoba, Nova Scotia, and USports
-USport coaches
-Salary cap for CanPL now increases steadily before being eliminated in 2033
-CanPL finances tweaked to allow for annual growth
-Badges and faces for all playable clubs and journalists

Fixes to Base Game:
-Correct “kick off” format with early season games played in Winnipeg
-Developmental contracts emulated through youth contracts limiting players to six matches (all players that had signed developmental contracts added to clubs)
-As only Pacific, Cavalry, and Edmonton have academies, other CanPL teams no longer have youth intakes and will have to rely on signing young players from L1O/L1BC/PLSQ/AMSL. The quality of newgens have also been improved for those leagues

CONCACAF League/Champions League/Leagues Cup
-Correct CONCACAF League qualifications from CanPL
-Latest announced format for CCL 2024 and onwards (27 team knockout tournament)
-Single leg final is played in a neutral venue as I am unable to set home stadium based on team’s performance
-Canadian MLS teams can now qualify through being conference finalists, top 3 in supporters’ shield, and leagues cup
-Voyageurs Cup winner now properly qualifies for CCL
-Correct CanPL teams qualify for CCL
-2023 Leagues Cup and onwards now features all MLS/LigaMX clubs as announced

Canadian Championship
-Canadian Championship now correctly includes PLSQ champion, which was previously left out