Right of Abode in Hong Kong Granted for Mainland-Born Children

For all its faults, the Hong Kong Catholic Church was pretty cool on this issue. A major issue of status in Hong Kong is that of Hong Kong families with children and spouses born in Mainland China. As a result of the one country, two system policy, (and colonialism .. and British immigration policy to ensure that there would not have been a ‘flood’ of Hong Kong people going to the UK) there are separate citizenship categories for those in the Mainland and those born in Hong Kong. Despite a Hong Kong supreme court ruling that children of Hong Kongers born in the Mainland should be granted Hong Kong citizenship in 1999, the Hong Kong government appealed to Beijing. Beijing ‘reinterpreted’ the law, indicating that the children would not be granted status in Hong Kong. By early 2002, thousands of Mainlanders and over 4,700 children faced deportation to the Mainland. […]

Rediscovering Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK)

Rediscovering amazing Hong Kong public talk radio (rthk.hk). Haven’t listened to it for a long while. I used to listen to it almost daily, as it was on at home all the time. It’s surprisingly nuanced. In the last show, they spent a bunch of time interviewing and conducting phone-ins for the League of Social Democrats split and did a long interview with the spokesperson for the Choi Yuen Tsuen (Village) committee – villagers are protesting/blockading efforts to demolish their village for the construction of a new highspeed railway, seen by many in HK as paid by the poor, built for the rich. Will summarize some of the stories soon.

HK League of Social Democrats Split – Right-Faction Resigns

The League of Social Democrats, the left-most party in Hong Kong founded by Leung Kwok-Hung (affectionately known as ‘Long Hair’ for his refusal to cut his hair short until those that died during the Tiananmen Square Massacre are vindicated) and radio-host Wong ‘Mad Dog’ Yuk-Man has split after two of its legislators: Yuk-Man and Albert Chan resigned. They stated unfair accusations towards the rape allegations faced by Yuk-Man’s prodigy Yum Leung-Hin, in-fighting, and the lack of a strong response against the Democratic Party voting in favour of government proposed political reform, as reasons for their resignation. While, I am sure Beijing and Donald Tsang will be happy with this split, and on the surface it looks pretty damaging for the organized left, I am hoping that this will act as a positive impetus pushing the party further left and more grounded in building a democratic mass movement. The China Worker […]

Wary of ID Politics in Recent Campaigns

As I have communicated to others time to time,  I have been increasingly wary about campaigns in our community leaning increasingly towards ID politics and electoral politics. Here’s what I posted in response to someone asking about whose interest multiculturalism serves and how it enforces racism: The interests they serve are those in power: the privileged, the rich. As Bannerji so articulately explains in Dark Side of the Nation (much recommended to anyone interested in this question), Multicultural policies acts as a very effective way to co-opt and deflect social movements, and also to solidify broader power relations and power relations within our communities. What ‘multicultural’ represents is a definition of culture limited to specific essentializing/simplifying notions of art, food etc., the essense of our communities, its politics, its struggles are deflected. So, in response to accusations of racism, the state and racists respond ‘we love your food, we let […]

“Why do Chinese hate animals so much?” Racializing Discourse in Campaigns Against Shark Finning

I have come across a number of campaigns opposed to shark finning that specifically target Chinatown. For example, an event held in January was entitled “Shark March Through China Town”. In the description, it is stated that “Hong Kong is about 80% of the business for the Shark FIn Soup but YES it is Sold here in Toronto and Canada in the ‘Asian’ Restaurants” (my emphasis on the word Asia). I am very concerned about how the issue is being conceptualized. I am a strong believer in animal liberation and have been active in the movement in the past; however, the continued lack of an anti-racism, anti-oppression framework in much of the animal liberation/environmental movement had left me feeling alienated. An end to the trade in sharkfin is imperative. The act of cutting of fins and tossing sharks back in the water is atrocious and despicable. But the question is, […]