HK League of Social Democrats Split – Right-Faction Resigns

The League of Social Democrats, the left-most party in Hong Kong founded by Leung Kwok-Hung (affectionately known as ‘Long Hair’ for his refusal to cut his hair short until those that died during the Tiananmen Square Massacre are vindicated) and radio-host Wong ‘Mad Dog’ Yuk-Man has split after two of its legislators: Yuk-Man and Albert Chan resigned. They stated unfair accusations towards the rape allegations faced by Yuk-Man’s prodigy Yum Leung-Hin, in-fighting, and the lack of a strong response against the Democratic Party voting in favour of government proposed political reform, as reasons for their resignation. While, I am sure Beijing and Donald Tsang will be happy with this split, and on the surface it looks pretty damaging for the organized left, I am hoping that this will act as a positive impetus pushing the party further left and more grounded in building a democratic mass movement. The China Worker […]