Canadian Womens Soccer Players Boycott National Team Matches

The Canadian Womens National Team have decided to boycott matches after their coach, Morace left following disputes with the Canadian Soccer Association (CSA) and in response to poor compensation/salary packages offered to the women. The women currently get paid $1,500/month and play for teams like Vancouver Whitecap, which according to some websites I checked out don’t really pay the womens’ players much (some teams don’t pay them at all, while Vancouver makes the players pick up over jobs like coaching summer camps). The CSA also ridiculously requires the womens’ team to qualify for major tournaments before paying – should the team not qualify, they would receive no pay. As with the sports industry in general, there’s a great deal of sexism, as there’s no doubt that the mens’ team gets compensated at a much higher number (and the CSA has refused to release the men’s numbers). While at the same […]