Conservatives ads for racialized communities released (via Mark Tam) Translation: “In the past hundred years, the Chinese have helped develop CanadaAlthough it was a history of unfairness, the conservative party has always recognized our hard work and sacrifices; 5 years ago, Harper apologized for the head tax; hard work, family values, ensuring safety; That’s why I joined the Conservative Party; For our values, it’s time to make the right choice ” (Mandarin) (S. Asian) And talk about essentializing… with the whole ‘traditions’ (Source:

“Filmmaker Marc Isaacs sets himself up in a London tower block lift. The residents come to trust him and reveal the things that matter to them creating a humorous and moving portrait of a vertical community.” …Best thing I’ve watched in a while.. Really nice ot see people open up to Marc after a while..  It’s nice, I think it speaks to a desire to have some intimacy and human relationships with one another in an alienating capitalism that atomizes and divides. Also, an excellent piece of archived localized history. (Source:

Right-Wing Hong Kong Politician/Business Tycoon Made to Work as a Street Sweeper for Two Days I came across an interesting video posted by Mandy. In an RTHK television segment, Michael Tien, deputy chairman of New People’s Party (a pro-Beijing, right wing party), son of a business tycoon and founder of one of the biggest clothing chains in Hong Kong, is made to work and live as a street sweeper for two days. He lives in one of Hong Kong’s infamous ‘cage’ houses (where your living space is basically limited to your bed) and has to work sweeping streets. No doubt a political ploy as it is an election year, but there’s some interesting quotes and segments. Housing The first thing he discovers is how poor housing is. He seems a little surprised at his 15 square feet unit, but the representative from the social work department suggested to him that […]

octobersurpriserevolution: 兔年贺卡[高清] Greeting Card for the Year of the Rabbit [HD] (Translated) (via wheeledmover) The year of the tiger is over.  The year of the rabbit has come.  Even a rabbit has to bite (with violent animation) when cornered (by the oppression of tigers) For more context, see [via]. (Source:

This is pretty ridicules. Poor neighbourhoods in Beijing gated so that people cannot leave at night in an effort to ‘stop crime’. The major inequalities we’re seeing grow in China can’t get anymore apparent than this… (Source: