Canadian Megapatch 2019

The Canadian Megapatch adds the Canadian pyramid to Football Manager 19, with the forthcoming Canadian Premier League, an expanded Voyageurs Cup, League 1 Ontario, and Première Ligue de soccer du Québec. Over 1000 players, coaches, referees, and journalists have been added! This is in addition to 3d kits and logos!

Download file here ->

If you want a more expansive CONCACAF region, with dynamic reputation (ie. Canadian Premier League will grow or fall in relation to other leagues in the continent), I recommend downloading and using these files that make this mod compatible with Uncle Sam’s North American files. (Remember NOT to activate my continental file if you use this one):

1 June 2019 Changes (3.1)
-Roster update

11 May 2019 Changes (3.0)
-Head-to-head match-ups between FCE, Valour, and Forge now determine CL qualifications (credit to modelcitizen)
-Faces for each CanPL player and staff added (credit to workthespace, stevieg42)
-Stadium photos (credit to workthespace)
-AMSL with Cavalry and Edmonton U21 now playable
-Added PCSL, MMSL, L1O Reserves, NSSL
-Roster updates
-Staff updates (including L1O/PLSQ)
-Hundreds of minor tweaks to improve long-term play-throughs

27 April 2019 Changes (2.6)
-Added all USports teams and staff
-USports draftees on student contracts are now set as on loan from USport team
-Added One Soccer journalists
-Roster Updates

19 April 2019 Changes (2.5c)
-Fixed bug where the CCL was not selecting the correct Canadian Championship winner for qualification
-The best spring record between Edmonton, Forge, and Valour in year 1 now qualifies for the CL (unfortunately, I haven’t figured out a way to only take into account head-to-head record)

18 April 2019 Changes (2.5b)
-Fixed bug that sent first week results to the Autumn Season
-Roster update

13 April 2019 Changes (2.5)
-Season now split into 10/18 games (adapted from Unclesam’s mod)
-Roster updates
-Coaching updates
-Changed kits so that away kits feature more for certain teams
-Adjusted youth coaching/recruitment ratings for CanPL teams
-Lowered CanPL reputation to just below Mexican second division

8 April 2019 Minor Changes (2.4b)
-Removed duplicate player/added journalist/roster update

7 April 2019 Changes (2.4)
-Added 3d kits for all CanPL teams
-Added 2d kits for all CanPL teams (courtesy of ‘themodelcitizen’)
-Season now starts in 2019 <assuming you select CanPL as starting date>
-Updated rosters and kit numbers
-Added journalists

15 March 2019 Changes (2.3):
-CCL will now draw the correct Mexican teams
-CL will now qualify six teams for the CCL (credit goes to @UncleSam for figuring out a way to do this)
-L1O Playoff format as per announcement
-Some more missing L1O players added

7 March 2019 Changes (2.2):
-Fixed L1O playoff format to reflect real world format
-Added missing L1O players
-Fixed a number of player positions
-Got rid of 1 month gap in CanPL spring season
-CanPL now also schedules matches on Sundays

-Canadian Premier League will have a split Spring/Fall season, with 12 games each half
-Championship game between Spring and Fall winners (if it’s the same team, the 2nd best team from the overall table will be drawn)
-All Canadian Premier League rosters are up to date as of 28 Feb 2019
-Updated club finances to reflect media deal announced

-Canadian Championship format updated to reflect announced 2019 format (after the first year, the three later stage CPL teams will be allocated to: CPL champion, CPL runner-up, best team based on overall standings)

-New clubs added to L1O: Durham United
-New clubs added to PLSQ: CS Monteul

-CONCACAF Champions League will closely reflect to announced 2020 format with the following exceptions: Panama, Honduras, Costa Rica will each have one team automatically qualify;  three instead of six teams will qualify from CONCACAF League
-CONCACAF League: CanPL will qualify to the preliminary stage; an addition of a 3rd place playoff game to determine final qualification to CCL

Previous Additions:

-Playable CPL, L1O, PLSQ
-Full rosters for L1O, PLSQ, Canadian PDL (over 1000 players added)
-Canadian referees, journalists (100+)
-Usport coaches, physios, fitness coaches, etc. (100+)
-Club and competition logos