Running battles break out in Cairo – men on horses and camels charge protesters

Can the military be trusted?

Following the refusal of Mubarak to resign a mob of his supporters of attempted to fight their way into Tahir square in Cairo where anti-Mubarak protests demanding democracy have rallied over the last week. Some of the mob who have been captured were carrying police ID’s. The intention appears to be to either drive the democracy protesters off the streets and/or create an excuse for army intervention to ‘restore stability,’ ┬ásomething the official opposition is now calling for.

┬áThe ‘cavalry’ charge included several uniformed police supporters and passed through army lines without any attempt by the army to intervene. Al Jazeera Arabic has shown video demonstrating that some of the pro-government mob who have been captured in the fighting are carrying police ID. Those captured are then being handed over to the military. The mob were also using at least 3 army vehicles. Reports came in indicating similar attacks are taking place in Suez.